Monday, May 1, 2006

How it all started

In the fall of the year, I was talking to my fellow firefighters about an upcoming hiking trip that I was going to take in the Smokey Mountains. As we were talking I came to find that both of them enjoyed hiking. The more we talked we found out that none of us were hiking enough for our likings. Troy has a history of knee problems and is concerned about taking on too much at one time. Greg hikes a lot like my Dad, head down full speed and trip over everything on the trail. We came together and picked a date that we could all make in October. It worked out great because I would be just coming off my Smokey Mountain trip in late September. This would be a trial trip to see one; if we could get along on the trail two; if we were combatable with our different experiences and three; if we could get something started.

As I was prepping for my Smokey Mountain trip, I was in need of a new backpack. While discussing this with Troy we entered the field of Lightweight backpacking. When you mention something to Troy and he sees the light, you had better hold on. The man can do some investigating. Not only did I end up with a new lightweight backpack, I also ended up with a new hammock and a couple of new sleeping bags. Needless to say not only does he come up with the best equipment, he also comes up with the best prices. On top of that he reduced his equipment to a weight much less than mine. Greg, unknowingly after our second trip joined us when his girlfriend got a hold of his dream list and made it come true over Christmas.

So this is how it goes: