Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gobblers Knob

DAY ONE:6.8                                                                   Outcasts Total Miles: 1546.58
Gobbler's Knob Trail 0.8 Miles
Hatfield Ridge Trail 0.9 
Hatfield Ridge Loop 1.0
Twin Arches Loop 3.1
Slave Falls to Charit Creek Trail 1.0

DAY TWO:13.5
Slave Falls to Charit Creek Trail 2.6
Slave Falls Overlook Trail 0.4
Slave Falls Overlook Trail 0.4
Slave Falls Loop Trail 1.1
Middle Creek Nature Loop 1.8
Fork Ridge Road 0.8
Gobbler's Knob Trail 6.4

Travis joined us once again.  We headed back to Big South Fork to take in some more wonders of the world.  There is so many things to see in this one park that it is amazing.

We headed out and were on the trail by lunch.  We started at Gobbler's Knob trailhead and did a loop clockwise.  Our first place to see was the Charit Creek Lodge.  A place that you can hike or ride a horse to and stay the night.  It is very pretty and rustic with no electricity.  

We then headed to the Twin Arches which is a very popular site in the park.  The North Arch has a clearance of 51 feet, a span of 93 feet and its deck is 62 feet high.  The South Arch has a clearance of 70 feet, a span of 135 feet and its deck is 103 feet high.  We got to spend some time exploring the area and rock features around these arches as well as take the stairs up to the top of the arches and enjoy the view especially from the top of the North arch.

From here we continued to Jakes place where they keep a cleared field and the rocks from the chimney of the original house which has been moved to the Charit Creek Lodge grounds.  We passed many rock houses and walls.  We then headed toward Slave Falls and camped along the creek for the night.

Travis slung straight into building us a rock fire ring which turned out quite impressive.  He had a fire going by the time Marco and I got our hammocks up.  We had a very nice evening enjoying the stars along with some lies and cough medicine around the fire.  We had a full moon which lit up the woods all through the night.

The next morning we headed up to the 60 foot Slave Falls.  There are two trails each 0.2 miles long from either side of the falls.  In between we got to see Needle Arch, a narrow band of sandstone 10 feet high and 30 feet wide that resembles the eye of a needle. 

We incorporated the Middle Creek nature loop trail into our hike which added a couple of more miles in for our viewing pleasure.

Once again we really enjoy the Big South Fork and all that it has to offer.