Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Falls Creek Falls - Upper Loop Trail

Fall Creek Falls....Trail Rating....Outcasts Total: 1298.84 Miles
Upper Loop Overnight Trail 13.0 Miles.....Easy

Troy and I headed out to test his knee injury. We decided to do an easier trail just to make sure all is well. He is hiking again.

We got our permit and headed to the trailhead. It was a beautiful day for hiking. We were grabbing our gear and Troy reached into the trunk and pulled out two Kroger sacks full of the famous Troy fried chicken. It's going to be a GREAT hike!! (Yes, I did cry, but it was beautiful!)

When we took our first break, Troy pulled a tick off his pant leg. Then he pulled a tick of his pant leg, then........... wow, really? He pulled at least five off while I started the search on myself. Yes, it is tick time in Tennessee! Lora had told me on the way, Don't forget the bug spray.....it's still in the car.

When we got down to the river, we noticed that there was a water line in the trees about thirty feet up from the river level. There was danger tape in the trees. The swinging bridge did not look too good and when we got to the other side we found that the foundation holding the bridge up was pulled out of the ground. It was obvious that they had a MAJOR flood sometime not long ago.

We made it to camp, set up, gathered wood, got water, ate,.........still light. talked, visited, had two day hikers go by, explored,......still light. Finally, it got dark enough to start the fire. We had stars out, cough medicine, all is good. Troy broke out a crunchy candy bar and gave me half. I told him that I forgot to look for the Carmel filled ones that he has brought in the past. They sure are good.

Troy tried the hammock. This was his first attempt and I had forgotten all the things you go through. I have been using the hammock for alot of years. I tried to give all the information that I could think of. Then he was on his own. The battle began. I know that he got in. After that I went to sleep. Well, I guess he battled and battled. He told me that at one point, he was on the ground wrapped in bug netting looking up at his hammock. If he had zipped up his netting, he would have had to call me to get him out. I have done alot of things, but never got in that position.

In the morning he got me crying telling me the adventure. He just naturally assumed that I would have shown up taking pictures. I slept through it all. As I was eating breakfast, Troy pulls out a pound of bacon and said here you go. Well, OK. This was a first. We got a stick out and cooked over the fire. Life is good!

We packed up and headed out. Another good day for hiking. We stopped for our lunch break and Troy pulls out a Carmel filled chocolate bar. Wow, this man is good!