Saturday, February 18, 2017

AT - Newfound Gap to I-40

Day One:10.2                                                                      Outcasts Total Miles: 2031.03
Newfound Gap to Pecks Corner
Day Two: 4.9
Pecks Corner to Tri Corner
Day three: 7.7
Tri Corner to Cosby
Day Four: 8.7
Cosby to Davenport

Side trip to Mt. Cammerer
Day Five: 2.8
Davenport to I-40
Total Miles: 34.3

Troy couldn't join us this time. Marco and I headed up to Newfound Gap to start our hike. We got on the trail a little later than planned. We met the thru hiker Lazarus at Charlies Bunion and then again at Pecks Corner Shelter. We arrived after dark but enjoyed some great views while it was light out. The stars were wonderful and the moon bright when it came out. We set up camp for the night and went to bed.

We got up and headed out. Another great day of hiking. We got into Tri Corner early and collected some firewood. Our two hikers tonight were doing a 30 day hike. Hunter runs a Wilderness initiative program out of Georgia. They brought in the weather report so we got our fire going early. Rain was heading our way. It rained heavy all night long. We had our mouse going through packs and checking everyone out.

We woke up to two inches of snow. It was a windy day of hiking and the temps were dropping. Talked to some more thru hikers today. Lots of good views. Had some issues with ice blowing off the trees and hitting us. When we got to Cosby Shelter the wind was blowing too strong to enjoy a fire. We hung out in the shelter for the evening and called it an early night.

Another cold and windy day of hiking. We took the side trail out to Mt. Cammerer. The windows and walkway around the tower were all frozen over. We did get the views in anyway. Then we started the long descent down to Davenport. The weather was warming up all the way down. When we got to Davenport Gap shelter, there was a stack of wood, cardboard, lent, and a lantern. This was going to have to be a trap. Not normal at all.

We got camp set up and then a couple of thru hikers came in. We had heard about the group of seven firefighters from Virginia Beach behind us and now they caught up with us as well. Lots of visiting tonight around the fire.

We got up early and then everyone else got up. After saying our goodbyes we headed down to I-40 where Mom and Dad picked us up. Another great hike.