Saturday, December 15, 2007

Natchez Trace Trip

This is the first trip that our group has cancelled due to weather. I guess that we have been pretty lucky over the last year and a half. There have been a few trips that people have thought that we are not quite right for going, but we have never cancelled before.

We studied on the weather all the day before and even suggested that the weathermen were wrong. Not that it has ever happened before. So when we got up this morning we stared longingly at the radar screen. We studied hard and we studied thoroughly. We figured in the wind and time factor. Well since the West side of the state was covered in green and it was not hardly moving, it was pretty obvious that yes, it was going to rain for sure all day and night long. It wasn't easy as we hung our heads listening to the comments from those that have never step foot on a trail before in their lives. You have to know firefighters. We harassed everyone for everything no matter what we know about the subject. We called it a day and pushed all of our hikes back three weeks.

We were going to have a full crew this time. Greg and his boys, Troy, Marco, Me and a new guy at the fire hall, Lassiter.