Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Hobbs Cabin

This weeks backpack started at the Savage Gulf ranger station and headed to Hobb's Cabin via the North Rim trail. This is a hike that we had done before, but we just wanted to see the temp's drop again. There was water going over Savage Falls which was a good sign. We stopped and ate lunch along the way and got to the campground a little before dark. It is always a challenge to find fire wood here, but we excepted the challenge. After dinner we sat around the campfire taking cough medicine and telling lies. We got to see some shooting stars as well. It dropped down to 19 degrees.

The next day we packed up and headed to Dinky campground. We had heard that there was just a puddle of water there, so we stopped at Meadow Creek to filter water and carry it the last two miles. We had a bit more time to gather firewood before dark. Another night around the campfire taking cough medicine and telling lies. More shooting stars. It was a warm 24 degrees tonight.

Wednesday we hiked on out and got to see our wildlife, two deer, and a turkey. We also came across a deer leg in the middle of the trail. Neither of the two deer had only three legs so?????