Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Long Hunter VII

Long Hunter                             Trail Rating                          Outcasts Total: 1339.19 Miles 
Volunteer Trail     6.0 Miles       Easy
Day Loop            2.0Miles        Easy
Volunteer Trail     6.0Miles        Easy
Total                14.0 Miles

The season has officially started.  Troy, Marco, and I headed out to Long Hunter State Park for an overnight hike.  This starts our seventh year of hiking together.  After seven years of hiking this trail, we got off trail for the first time and we did it going and coming back.  How did we manage this I do not know.  I do know that I am glad we didn't hike off a cliff because we would have all hiked off it.  Following each other and not paying attention to the trail.....basics!  We were busy talking and getting caught up on things.

The weather was great and the colors were in mid changing.  We enjoyed the views of the lake and the easy rolling hills of the trail.  There were lots of boats out and we did see a couple of hikers. 

After we got to camp we saw a crow chasing a hawk over the lake.  We set up camp and got to work. The fire pits were large piles of ashes as usual and there was no wood to be seen. We headed out through the woods to collected our usual stack of wood for a winter fire and got a fire going that you couldn't sit by if you had to. Life was good.  The wind was blowing a little to cool with the water temperature to do any swiming, but I did get to soak the feet a while.

For dinner we got to try out some other dehydrated meals that Troy brought along to test.  At sunset we hiked out to the end of the cove and got some great pictures.  We sat around the fire telling lies and taking cought medicine until we faded out one by one.  We got to hear an owl in the night talking.

We took an easy morning and then hiked out.  Troy who was suffering from an impacted tooth, was now suffering from a sinus infection.  When we got to the day loop that we usually take, we just hiked on out.

Another great hike and new beginning.