Monday, January 1, 2024

Future Trails


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Jcramin said...

I noticed that some of your future hikes are during Turkey Hunting Season and you will be hiking in areas that are open to hunting. Have you had any problems hiking in hunting areas?


We have seen Hog hunters and Deer hunters and never had any problems with them.

Unknown said...

Hi! Great info on your hikes. A couple of friends and i want to do a 10 mile hike and camp in the middle (hopefully near water). Is there a hike on the Cumberland Trail you would most recommend for mid-July? We are pretty new at this. The Possum Creek hike looks fun. Can it be shortened to 10 miles (hard enough to convince one of my friends that this will be fun!)? Thank you! Beverly


Beverly, Check out the following link to the cumberland trail website That is a 10 mile segment with water on it. If this will be their first hike, you could always hike in to the first campsite and hike back out.

Unknown said...


We met at the station today - and you mentioned e-mailing to get a map for Stone Door. Any help is greatly appreciated. Mike R

P.S. Son enjoyed tour of station.

"Squig" said...

Hey fellas. Met you today 11-23-09 at parking lot, leaving Cumberland trail at Main entrance.
Read your group info. Funny I am working the same goals as you are just different state. Slowly working the Alabama National and State Forrest trails. I am currently prepping for the Pinhoti Trail (appx. 16 day hike, 137 miles) hence the big ol pack today. My brother inlaw and I have been interested in the Cumberland Trail and others. So we are doing day hikes here and there. I am doing overnighters as much as possible. Keep us posted on future hikes and one or both of us might join your group for the hike.

"Squig" said...

Also did you see any Bear Scat today? Saw it today on dirt road leading back to parking lot. Confirmed with pictures from Looked like horse scat but no horseshoes around. Read they like to scat in or on the side of the road. I will certainly invest in a bear bag asap and practice my bag hanging skills..


I have not heard anything about bears this far down. They have been spotted in the Savage Gulf area though. It was good meeting you and we will see ya on the trail.

cwliner said...

I've completed many of the day hikes around here, but am planning by first overnight backpacking trip. I'll be headed to Hobb's cabin with some guy from my Sunday School class.

Great site! I'm subscribing.

Tim said...

Noticed you had Big Ridge Park. What trails are you looking at? The trail to Indian Rock and Sharp's Station as I understand it is overgrown and hasn't been maintained in quite sometime. If you need any info on Big Ridge, would be happy to see what I can do. The park is 10 minutes from the house and we are there alot.

Great Blog by the way. Interested in a link exchange?

Our blog is

Happy Trails,
Tim and Robin


I read your blog and I like it cause it has to do with hiking. I also have a personal blog that me and my wife list our hikes on

I do need some information on Big Ridge park. The only map I have is a hand drawn one that the park sent. I am looking at the best way to hike as many of the trails as possible on an overnight hike. I was looking at the Indian Rock part as well just to get enough miles. Anything you can send me would be great. How many miles are actually open right now? What are the best trails to see the park? Water sources?

I need to update some of my links on my blog and I will add you on.

Tim said...

Hey Craig,

Just checked out your other blog. Great trail write ups. Looks like there are a few we've both done.

I know that hand drawn map you speak of. I've got one here somewhere too. It is a bit dinky. They have a new trail map at the park, just picked one up about month ago. I'll see what I can do about getting you a copy.

As for the trails, there's usually a lot of dead fall on several of the trails. As I've mentioned before, the trail to Indian Rock and Sharp's Station is pretty overgrown and I'm sure plenty of dead fall, but it is doable. Unfortunately the park staff (rangers) is at minimum I think 5 total rangers so it's tough for them to get out and do much with the trails. They usually keep up the more traveled trails like the Lake Trail, Ghost House, and Chestnut. They used to have a Friends Group but I think some politics got in the way of that and now there are no volunteer efforts at the park that I know of. There is a nice campground at the park, and other than the back country camp out towards Sharp's Station, I think there is one up Dark Hollow West along the lake.

There are plenty of water sources at the park, the campground has hookups for RVs and water spigots. There are 2 bathhouses in the campground as well.

There is a total of 15 miles of trail and most of it hikeable. You may have to do a little bush whacking around dead fall and what not. Some of the best trails to see the park are the lake trail across the dam either direction is good. Big Valley, Ghost House and Dark Hollow trails are really good too. It's been awhile since we've done any hiking out there so I'm not very certain of most of the trail conditions however you could like call the park office closer to hike time and ask for Sara. She is one of the senior rangers and has a good grasp of the trail conditions.

I'll definitely get more info for you the next time I'm out there. We take the dog walking out there all the time so It'll likely be in the next week or two.

Oh yeah I've added both blogs to the blog roll and love the new look on this one.

If you'd like you can email me at trbird at gmail dot com


ky_hiker said...

Just wanted to say hello! Found you through a Google search on the BMT, Georgia Loop, etc. I grew up just down the road from you in Arrington and spent my freshman year at MTSU, currently live in eastern KY and moving to north GA. The world is small! Hope to run into you guys on the trail someday. Now, off to snoop through your blog... :-)


Glad you found our blog. I hope you enjoy and get out and hike the trails we have.

Smith said...