Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fort Henry Trail

Fort Henry N/S Connector Trail ...3.4...........Outcasts Total..422.3
Telegraph Trail..............3.9
Trip to road............6
Day one total........7.9

Volunteer Trail........2.2
Artillery Trail.......7
Peytona Trail......1.3
Telegraph Trail....2.3
Day two total.........13

This hike we had Marco, Troy, Raleigh and myself. We met up at the South Welcome Station at Land between the Lakes. We got on the trail at 11:30 after a small communication problem.

It was a good day for hiking even though it never reached the forties that the weathermen convinced us it would.

Once again with hiking this area, you want both the hiking and the hunting maps so you will know where you are. Some of the springs on this section are not marked either. We wondered off the trail twice. Once at the 230 crossing and once at the 230 crossing that we weren't suppose to take. You can walk by the cutoff trails rather easy and when they don't mark the trail it is usually at intersections. You might take note that we did this on purpose to teach Raleigh the art of finding one's location when separated from the trail.

We did get the chance to see some deer but not alot of wildlife. We did not make are planned camp at Infantry Pass as we were running out of daylight. So instead we made camp where Telegraph and Volunteer trails come together. We had a good water source and firewood.

We got camp set up, water gathered, and the fire started. Sometime after dinner while sitting around the fire, Marco said that he saw a light out in the woods. When I finally saw what he was talking about, I thought it looked more like a camp fire. Shortly there after it raised high enough that we all agreed that it was the moon. It takes alot to fool us.

We had a clear sky all night with the full moon. Luckily mother nature had pity on us and stopped the temperature drop at 20 degrees. We all slept well with no interruptions.

It took a little longer than planned to get on the trail this morning. Warming around the fire might have been the reason. We got on the trail at 9:20. We had to make up 2.2 miles today. Once again we showed Raleigh how to get back on the trail at number 17. I think that he is catching on now. It is good that we take time out to trail the new members.

Troy was quite impressed by the fact that not only did I start the hike going uphill from the truck, but I also managed to finish the hike going uphill to the truck. The things I do to make everyone comfortable is amazing.

This was a good easy trail with mild hills.



Ms Christy said...

Come and listen to a story about a man named Craig,
A poor lil Fireman, Outcast hiked the trails he led.
Then one day they was hikin on a trail,
And out from the forest Craig ran and yelled.
“BIG Spider, MARCO HELP, It’s Five Pounds!!”
Well the next thing we learn, Craig screams like a girl.
Outcast laughed while ol’ Craig did the twirl.
They said It was a little spider, small as can be.
So they calmed Craig down and sat him by a tree.
Oak, it was. Big ole tree, lots of shade.
Well now it’s time to say good-bye to Craig and all his men.
The Outcast like to thank you folks fer kindly droppin in
You're all invited back again to this locality
To have a heapin helpin of hiker’s hospitality
Outcast style that is. Hike a spell. Lighten those packs.
Y'all come back now, y'hear?

J Oleham said...

one day i will teach craig to use the timer on his camera for the group shots. Hate that i had to miss another one guys. maybe next time!

J and J said...

my son and I are planning to do FOrt Henry Trail in August. I have the map that is posted on the LBL web site, but your post mentions getting the Hiking and Hunting maps. By any chance have you scanned those or taken pics of those maps, I would like to see them, ALSO, do you know where the springs or creeks are that are not posted on the map ? We are trying to plan our hike and would like to camp close to water source. Thanks, J


Send me an email address and I will forward you a copy of the maps I scaned.

J and J said...

That would be great. Thank you.

My email is jpcramin@gmail.com

After reading your blogs here about Fort Henry and Big Hill Pond, those are the next two trips my son and I are going to take.

Thank you

J and J said...

Is t here any other info you can give me about this trail especially where to get water on the trail. We are doing this trial at the end of September. Thanks,


Here is a map of the area http://www.lbl.org/LBLFTHenryTrails09.pdf
You can get water at any of the springs listed on the map. We found water at a stream where the Telegraph and volunteer trails meet as well. We camped there.