Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hobbs Cabin IV - Savage Gulf

Day One: 8.2                                                                                    Outcast Total:1564.18
North Rim Trail to Hobb's Cabin                      
Day Two: 9.4
North Plateau Trail to Office  
Total Miles: 17.6 

Travis joined us again for another great hike.  This was his first time to Salvage Gulf.  The weather was cool to start with and then got cooler as we went.  Our wildlife viewing started at the beginning of the trail with deer and signs of where the wild turkeys had scratched.  There was plenty of water in the creeks and at Savage Falls.  

When we stopped for our first break and I dug through my pack for a snack, I found another bag of food that I did not pack.  I opened it to find a big bag of Troy's famous fried chicken.  Wow, what a great day it is!  After the appropriate hugs and "I love you's" the boys stepped back as I dug in.  Not a pretty site, but they knew how much I love that fried chicken.  Troy made enough for everyone and included cream corn, biscuits, and potatoes as well.

We had good views at the overlooks and started getting some big flakes of snow as we neared Hobb's cabin.  We passed a hornet nest that was just off the side of the trail.  We knew that good fire wood was hard to find at the cabin.  A very popular spot and unless you have a saw for all the large trees, small wood was gone.  We managed to scrape up a stack to last us through the night.  Travis got the fire going as we set up camp and soon we were sitting around the fire listening to owls as we got our chicken dinner warmed up.

After some lies and cough medicine we headed off to bed one at a time.  There were many owl calls during the night and a pack of coyotes doing some singing.  I woke one time to breaking of wood and Travis was out getting warmed by the fire.  The next time, Troy was packing the wood on.  We had a full moon so the woods was bright as the temps dropped below 15 degrees.  

When the moon finally went down and the sun came up, Marco had the fire going again.  We enjoyed an easy morning and then hit the trail.  On the way out we got to see some more deer.  Great hike as always here at Savage Gulf.


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