Friday, October 30, 2015

Long Hunter X

Day One; 6.9 miles                                                      Outcast Total Miles: 1822.33
Day Two: 5.7
Total Miles: 12.6

Well we started our hiking season with a rain delay. We were on the trail before lunch and all went well. Our wildlife consisted of a turtle,  and lots and lots of deer. We heard owls and coyotes during the evening hours.

It turned out to be a great day for hiking after the rain left. We had the trail to ourselves for the day other than the fishermen on the lake and the one barge working on the underwater gas lines. This year we stayed at campsite #2.

We got camp set up and collected firewood. We all went to the lake shore to see the sunset across the lake. Afterwards we ate and spent the evening telling lies around the campfire and taking cough medicine. We got a few sprinkles overnight, just enough for me to put my tarp up and then it stopped.

The next morning we hiked out and saw our only other hiker, an older gentlemen that was getting in shape to hike the Continental Divide trail in a couple of years when he turns 80 years old. We had a nice visit with him and then headed out.

A good start to a new season.


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