Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Stage Coach Campout Savage Gulf

                                                                                            Outcast Total Miles: 2546

Ranger Station to Stagecoach Campground 6.0 miles 

Stagecoach to Savage Falls Campground 4.4

Savage Falls Campground to Ranger Station 1.6

Back out with the backpacks. Scheduled a backpack and the weather dropped as usual. Calling for lows of 24 dropped down to 14. When we pulled into the parking area of Savage Gulf the snow was falling. Just the way we like it?? The ranger met us in the parking lot as we were the only ones out today for some reason. He told us that the spring was dry and to bring extra water.

We took the day loop to the South Rim trail making camp at the Stagecoach campground. We got some views in and an owl. We swep the area of firewood and collected water from the creek. The ranger was correct in saying that the spring was dry. We enjoyed the evening around the campfire telling lies and taking cough syrup. 

The next morning we got up and hiked back to the Savage Falls campsite. We collected wood and got water from the creek. Another beautiful night around the campfire telling lies and taking cough syrup. We had a full moon both nights and wonderful stars. Troy went over to get some water from our filtration system and noticed that everything had froze. Humm?? Ok, we put it by the fire and thawed it out. We got all the water we would need for the night and packed the filter away. I guess the temp was dropping.

The next morning we thawed everything out and headed out. We noticed that the creek, AKA bathtub, had frozen across the top. It definitely had to have gotten cold. Lora informed me that it had dropped down to 14 degrees as we headed to the Southern Oven for our celebration. 


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